License to Pimp

a film about strippers & labor conditions

Daisy tells city agency of strippers being raped in Private Booths

Daisy appears before the Commission on the Status of Women & tells the commissioners that she knows of strippers who have been raped in private booths within the city’s strip clubs.

Lola sees co-workers having sex to make their stage fees

Lola sees fellow co-workers having sex with customers so that they make their stage fees, which management demand.

the Filmmaker stands outside a strip club where she worked

the documentary’s filmmaker, Hima B., stands outside a San Francisco strip club where she worked. At that time, she & her co-workers had to pay $200 to work a 4-hour shift. If they worked 6 hours, management required they pay $300. The owners called these fees “quotas” and used the piece-rate system to illegally take dancers’ tips, which were earned directly from customers.

Mariko quits stripping & plans to exit the sex industry

Mariko headlines at the Crazy Horse as their featured house-girl performer during her final week as a stripper. After quitting stripping, she hopes to find employment doing non-sexual work. She files wage complaints to recuperate her back-wages & stage fees from her former strip club employers. Her story is about her struggle to transition out of sex work.

Strippers & Management ask City to keep Private Booths & Stage Fees

License To Pimp_Strippers attend City meting to keep Private Booths & Stage Fees

A Deja Vu manager looks on as strippers from San Francisco’s Gold Club, Hustler, & other strip clubs attend a meeting at the Commission on the Status of Women to ask that the strip clubs be allowed to keep their private booths & stage fees.  Daisy Anarchy stands in back of the room and listens to workers who present why want to keep the status quo.

Lola explains: “Customers ask us for more”

License To Pimp_Lola explains why "Customers ask us for more"

Lola explains that customers demand sex from strippers. Because the dancers are desperate to make their stage fees, they often engage in prostitution so that they are not fired by the club for failing to make their quota.

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