License to Pimp

a film about strippers & labor conditions

Lola sees co-workers having sex to make their stage fees

Lola sees fellow co-workers having sex with customers so that they make their stage fees, which management demand.

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  1. This is a great shot! Who took it? I like that edgy feel that there’s a dancing girl on stage, but that there’s a BJ going on in the back room. Rips the damned veneer off the facade. Also shows how the women have to “pay to dance.” I now know where my tip money went to. What’s the best way of making sure that twenty went into the woman’s purse?

    • admin says:

      All strip clubs are engaging in illegal labor practices when they take any portion of a stripper’s tips. The only way that you can be certain that she’s getting 100% is to ask her her if she’s got to pay to work. If she’s misclassified as an independent contractor, not paid wages, + must pay the club a quota, then it’s a sure sign that she’s not able to keep 100% of her money. Tip the dancers as you would + tell the management that you’re not OK with their illegal labor practices. The more customers vocalize their support for dancers’ labor rights, management might re-consider acting more fairly, ethically + in accordance with labor laws.

      The images for Lola’s animated story are drawn by the brilliant visual artist Hugo Crosthwaite.

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